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Amen Corner premiere social and networking organization serving the Greater Pittsburgh PA Region

Amen Corner

Why join AMEN Corner?

Joining Amen Corner can be a fun and smart move for you. Because the people that participate in this group promote each other and work together, it's easy to find social or professional contacts. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should join Amen Corner.

Recognize public servants

Amen Corner recognizes the First Responders and members of the Judicial branches of Pittsburgh for their exceptional commitments to our region. 

Increase your visibility in the community

As a new member of Amen Corner, you may be listed in the club's newsletter, e-newsletter, Facebook, and Directory. 

Membership brings credibility to your business

For 150 years, Amen Corner has been a staple of fellowship in Pittsburgh. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of Amen Corner. 

Personal networking

Build your personal and social network with Amen Corner members during our parties, luncheons, and mixers.

Events and programs

Amen Corner events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their network. Events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients, vendors, and friends.

Make business contacts

Amen Corner's fundamental mission is build friendships, but those friendships can lead to more business activity for the community. Amen Corner initiates more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.

Connection with Government Officials

Amen Corner contains members from every branch of government. Your relationships with fellow members can help you to keep in touch with what's happening "behind the scenes" in state and local government. 


Our mission is to promote camaraderie and fellowship among people and to publicly recognize those who have served our community with excellence and leadership without regard to politics or religion.


PO Box 1474
Pittsburgh, PA 15230


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