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Judge Mary P. Murray | President:

I am honored to serve my second term as the President of Amen Corner. It is an exciting year as we celebrate our 150th Anniversary as a long-standing and esteemed presence in the Pittsburgh Community. 

Amen Corner continues to honor our judiciary and first responders - firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement alike. Additionally, the Board is working to update and enhance our website, increase our membership, and most importantly, provide our members with more networking opportunities. 

As with any organization, our growth and success is dependent on our membership. As we move forward toward the next 150 years, may we continue to grow as an organization, honoring the public servants who make a difference in the Pittsburgh community, and building lifelong friendships. 

Raymond Amelio

David J. Buchewicz

Larry Dunn

Former Allegheny County Commissioner Larry Dunn is a long-time member of Amen Corner’s Board of Directors, and served as President in 2004.  He founded the Amen Corner Senator John Heinz Law Enforcement Awards Luncheon in 2001, and with much help from a hard-working Committee, has chaired it ever since.

Ronald Heakins

Vice President

Charles E. Evans

Edward R. Everett, Jr.

Robert J. Fall

Dane P. Isaacs

Stanley B. Lederman


Jeffrey A. Manning

President Judge Emeritus 

George F. Matta, II

Michelle McGregor

Carmella Mullen

David J. Shrager

Paul E. Sutter

Erik C. Wagner

June Yonas



Amen Corner is a civic organization founded in 1870. We are not religious. We are not political.  We espouse no particular social cause. Amen Corner enshrines the quality of friendship.


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707 Grant Street, Suite 3200, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 


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